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What is tuberculosis?

Tuberculosis is a rare airborne disease in the United States that mainly affects the lungs and is characterized by a chronic cough.

Why do I need a TB Test?

Although tuberculosis is rare in the United States, many healthcare employees, students, and applicants for immigration are required to receive a TB Test to make sure that the patient is not infected with this potentially fatal infectious disease.

TB Testing at AFC Urgent Care Pittsburgh
AFC Urgent Care Pittsburgh offers two types of TB Tests:

  • TB Skin Test
  • QuantiFERON IGRA Blood Test

TB Skin Test

A TB Skin Test confirms that the patient is not infected with tuberculosis. The patient is injected with a shot in the lower part of the arm. The patient must return to AFC Urgent Care within 48-72 hours so that the Doctor can check the skin’s reaction at the injection site. If no reaction is present, the patient has passed the TB Skin Test.

Some businesses may be very cautious about tuberculosis exposure. AFC Urgent Care Pittsburgh offers a Two-Step TB Skin Test to guarantee that the patient does not have tuberculosis. During a Two-Step TB Skin Test, the TB Skin Test is performed a second time after a period of two weeks has passed from the date of the first reading. The Two-Step TB Skin Test offers an added precaution to guarantee the health and safety of the employees and the customers.

TB Blood Test

For your convenience, AFC Urgent Care Pittsburgh also offers our patients the choice to receive the QuantiFERON IGRA blood test. This blood tests determines the presence of the tuberculous bacteria in the patient’s bloodstream. The QuantiFERON IGRA blood test can be used as a substitute for the TB Skin Test.

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