Urgent Care Comparison in Pittsburgh, PA


AFC Urgent Care Pittsburgh an urgent care center that treats conditions that require prompt attention but do not pose an immediate, serious threat to your health or life. In general, if your medical issue is life threatening call 911 or go directly to a hospital emergency room. If not, an urgent care center such as AFC Urgent Care is an excellent alternative to emergency room care. All of the following conditions can be treated at AFC Urgent Care Center:

AFC Urgent Care Medexpress
Abdominal pain
Accidents and falls
Asthma – mild to moderate
Back problems
Bleeding from cuts, falls, or accidents
Ear pain
Eye irritation
Migraine headaches
Small bone fractures
Skin rashes
STD tests or treatment
Sprains and broken bones
Sore throat
UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection)
Vomiting, Diarrhea, and Dehydration

We are open 7 days per week, from 8am to 8pm.

Formerly Doctors Express